There are several ways to work with the USF Bookstore!

Trying to decide which book to order? The Bookstore will compare prices of different available options–rental, digital, used, buyback, bundled, a-la-carte, custom, etc.

  • Notify the USF Bookstore if older editions are acceptable.
  • Notify the USF Bookstore which components of “bundled” books are required.
  • Request price options/breakdowns:
    • What are the estimated prices?
    • Can the book be rented?
    • How much are the bundled or unbundled textbooks?
    • Is there a digital version?
  • Bookstore deadlines are as follows:
    • Summer A&C Semester – March 23rd
    • Summer B Semester – May 4th
    • Fall 2018 Semester – June 29th
  • Submit textbook requests by the bookstore’s deadline to assure a supply of used books for students. The bookstore will notify you well in advance of the deadline and send out reminders.
  • Late book adoptions result in lower buy-back prices and fewer used options for students, as the bookstore will not retain used books that will not be used the following semester.

When Considering Textbooks:

  • Avoid bundled packages that come with texts (publishers are required to unbundle upon request)
  • Permit students to use an older edition of the textbook and identify which parts are different from the newer edition. Publishers are required to provide general descriptions of changes that have been made in new editions.
  • Before choosing the newest edition of a textbook, check that the changes from the previous edition are substantial. Whenever possible, permit multiple editions to be used for a course.
  • Use the same textbook and edition for two years or more to ensure a supply of used books in the marketplace

Visit Flat World Knowledge »

The USF bookstore has an agreement with Flat World Knowledge to sell their textbooks in the store at the same price as the e-publisher’s online site. Not many faculty members have adopted a Flat World Knowledge textbook at this point, but they are available to students for use at no charge.

Professors, visit Flat World’s website for more information about adopting an existing textbook or publishing your own textbook that can be customized and updated as needed.

Simplify the Textbook Adoption Process with FacultyEnlight »

The USF bookstore is now introducing FacultyEnlight, an online textbook adoption platform that allows you to research and adopt textbooks in one convenient place.  FacultyEnlight  also offers the ability to integrate with learning management systems such as Canvas, as well as the ability to create custom, copyright compliant coursepacks.  Other FacultyEnlight features allow you to:

  • Compare costs to students and identify format availability before adoption.
  • Read peer product reviews and write your own.
  • Access your adoptions for the past two years at all of your affiliated campuses.
  • Explore more textbook options by viewing the adoptions of colleagues at other schools.

USF’s personalized FacultyEnlight page can be accessed by clicking the “Faculty Resources” link in the upper right hand corner of the bookstore website.