Akademos, an education technology company offering virtual bookstore and marketplace services, recently held their annual Akademos / TextbookX Textbook Scholarship Contest. The first place winner, three runner up winners, and six honorable mention winners all received a textbook scholarship to apply towards their course materials for Fall 2013.

For the contest, students were asked to upload a photo reflecting what textbook affordability meant to them. The submitted entries showed that students believed more affordable textbooks would lower student debt, make education more affordable, give better opportunities to start a career, and provide students with more money to do things they are passionate about. Winners were chosen based on their individuality and creativity regarding their opinion about textbook affordability.

The scholarship contest winners were announced to coincide with Textbook Affordability Week, a period of time that TextbookX emphasizes in order to educate students about the benefits of shopping for textbooks early. Typically, students can find the best deals on their textbooks during the summer. At the end of the spring term and before the start of the fall term, the market is flooded with used textbooks which often lowers prices.

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