The American Anthropological Association (AAA) has recently announced that it will begin to experiment with open access publishing for its journals. Currently, AAA publishes more than 20 journals and none of them are open access. In order to access the journals for free, the public must wait 35 years after a journal’s publication. Early next year, however, Cultural Anthropology will be AAA’s first journal to switch to an open access model, allowing anyone to read it freely.

The Society for Cultural Anthropology (SCA), led by the society’s president Brad Weiss, is the section of AAA responsible for the Cultural Anthropology journal. Mr. Weiss has stated that the plan is to “provide worldwide, instant, free (to the user), and permanent access to all of our content (as well as 10 years of our back catalog).”

When Cultural Anthropology becomes open access next year, it will be the first major journal in anthropology to offer open access to all of its research. The SCA hopes their open access experiment will be a success and that it can be useful to other open-access efforts in the social sciences and humanities.

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