Today, the California Joint Legislative Audit Committee, led by Assembly Member Ricardo Lara, will hold a hearing to examine the high cost of college textbooks and the potential savings from using eTextbooks.

According to the press release, college textbook prices have soared over the last few years. Currently, the prices are rising at four times the rate of inflation. Every three years, publishers release a new edition of a textbook with an average 12 percent price increase each time. This is causing students to spend approximately $1,260 annually for textbooks.

The State Auditor Elaine Howle will present an audit report on the affordability of college textbooks, which suggests the use of new education technology to help lower costs, and explore what steps the California public higher education systems have already undertaken to ease the burden on students. Representatives of California’s three public systems of higher education, Academic Senate presidents, California PIRG, publishers and non-profit foundations will be able to give their own testimonies about the situation during the hearing.

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