The California Community Colleges Board of Governors recently adopted a new policy for the 112 community colleges under their supervision. They will now require all curricula, textbooks, research, and other work paid for by the community-college system chancellor’s office to be made freely available under a Creative Commons “attribution” license. Similar to their previous policy, the system will remain in control of the copyrighted materials, but other users will be encouraged to take advantage of the materials for free as long as the creators are properly credited. The new policy is expected to save taxpayers money by making publicly funded works widely available and avoiding duplications of effort and expense.

Brice Harris, chancellor of the community-college system, stated that he believes “the taxpaying public shouldn’t be required to pay twice or more to access and use educational materials, first via the funding of the research and development of educational resources, and then again when they purchase materials like textbooks they helped fund.”

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