The cost of college textbooks is not a problem specific to the United States of America – students around the world are feeling the rise of higher education costs too. At the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) in Canada, a group of students have become outraged when they were required to buy a $180 art history textbook with no artwork on any of the pages. Instead of having the artwork accompany their text, the students found blank white spaces and were told to search for the artwork online.

Students are already paying thousands of dollars in tuition, so they are urging for professors to be more diligent when adopting a textbook, and to be more mindful of its cost and content. Many students are complaining that instructors frequently select a textbook without fully examining its price or determining its real educational value.

OCAD has responded to the students’ outcry, arguing that the college intentionally selected the textbook based on its cost and content. They claim that the alternative to the art-less textbook would have cost the students $800, which did not do much to alleviate the students’ complaints.

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