Course Packs and the Library–Why Not go Cheaper, Greener & Paperless? (posted by Susan Ariew, Academic Services Librarian for Education and Philosophy)


Last year instructor at USF contacted a publisher to put together a course pack for his course. He and the publisher identified 22 readings from a variety of sources which would end up costing students close to $145.00 a piece. Out of the 22 readings, 17 of them were available in full-text journal articles carried by the USF Tampa Library. Thus, the students would be paying twice for the same material. Their tuition dollars help support the library budget for full-text subscription e-journals;  yet students were going to pay again for the same articles printed up in their course packs. Luckily, the instructor contacted the library and was offered better alternatives to the expensive course pack for his class. In thinking about your students and course packs, you might want to consider the following:

1) Are the readings on your syllabus ones that students can access on their own with some library instruction?

With a little lead time, collaboration, and planning, I can assist you in providing either
instruction, tutorials, or information you can place in Blackboard about accessing needed articles.

2) Are there readings not available online that  you can put on e-reserve with the help of the library?

There are e-reserve services available to you to scan and offer access to selected readings (within fair use guidelines) from inside your Blackboard course. This too will help student budgets.

The staff at USF Tampa library is more than happy to help with supporting you in providing students with the readings and the information that they need. This web tutorial will show you how.

3) Are there e-books that can be purchased for supplementary readings? 

If a book you want on reserve is available as an e-book, the library can purchase it so it will be available to your students electronically.

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