Khan Academy, a database of instructional YouTube videos that has received funding from Bill Gates and Google, will be integrating tutorial videos into its digital textbooks, according to a Mashable story by Sarah Kelly. E-textbook maker Kno will integrate the 12-minute videos, mostly in mathematics, science and problem solving, into its books, using a new “smart links” feature. When students click on a Khan Academy tutorial from a new tab on one of Kno’s digital pages, Khan’s explanation of that topic plays within the book. The digital textbook maker is also adding a 3D feature that allows users to turn images like molecule diagrams into 3D objects that rotate on the page. Kno’s books can be read on an iPad, the Web or Facebook.

Kno, based in Santa Clara, CA, was founded by Babur Habib, who has a PhD in semiconductor physics and Osman Rashid, founder and CEO of Chegg.

It is becoming increasingly evident that the future of electronic textbooks lies in their capability to be interactive and to capitalize on features beyond the written word and the two dimensional—to move beyond textbooks as we know them.

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