A recent survey conducted by the online textbook retailer eCampus.com has identified interesting eTextbook purchasing trends among its customers. Nearly 50 percent of their respondents purchased electronic books based on their affordability, while 25 percent wanted instant access and 19 percent valued portability.

The survey also asked customers about the most valued perk of using eTextbooks. At 52 percent, the eTextbook’s search option was the most popular feature, followed by highlighting at 20 percent and copy/paste at 14 percent.

Lastly, the survey found that 64 percent used their personal laptops while accessing the eTextbooks, despite the growth of eReader popularity. Platform agnostic eTextbooks are essential for students to be able to use their books wherever and whenever they need, in the most comfortable way.

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One thought on “eCampus Survey Finds Etextbooks Popular for Affordability

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