Thuze, an etextbook publisher launched by Bridgepoint Education, Inc. in 2012, has released a press release on their website regarding the fall 2013 semester. They claim to offer students their digitally flexible etextbooks at reasonable prices.

According to the release, Thuze has produced over 100 titles in their etextbook library with subjects ranging from general-education and business to the social sciences and education. All of the etextbooks have been reviewed by respected academic professionalsand incorporate interactive, online reading as an important part of their design. More than 20 higher education institutions throughout the United States and Canada have adopted the etextbooks into their curriculum for the fall 2013 semester, including California State University, Georgia State University, Indiana University Bloomington, and the University of Alberta.

Currently, all Thuze etextbooks are offered to students for $35. The format of the etextbooks provides students with flexibility by allowing them to study anytime and anywhere on their mobile devices.

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One thought on “Etextbook Publisher Thuze Offers Students Etextbooks for $35

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