Tuition, housing, transportation. These are the costs families immediately consider when they send a student off to college. The cost of textbooks, too often, is an expensive afterthought. But freshmen entering Ohio’s University of Dayton in 2012 can receive four years of free textbooks. According to an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education ( all students need to do is visit the campus before March 1 and fill out the Federal Student Aid application (FAFSA). Students who do so will receive up to $500 per semester in free textbooks from the college bookstore. Dayton officials describe the offer as a way of encouraging prospective students to visit, and to encourage families to complete the FAFSA, a lengthy, tedious task. The university’s vice president for enrollment management, Sundar Kumarasamy, expects about 75% of the incoming class to receive the grants. This will cost the university about $1.5 million annually.

One thought on “Free Textbooks at the University of Dayton

  1. That’s a cool idea, and surely beneficial for both Dayton students and the university. But for those of us not fortunate enough to be enrolled at Dayton, textbooks are still a hefty expense each semester. We can fight back though.. Most universities make a killing each year from their campus bookstores that over charge students. So I say avoid the campus bookstore. Go online if you want cheaper textbooks. As long as some people are still paying retail prices the publishers are not going to be compelled to end their monopoly on student’s wallets. Go online and search for used books, international editions, older editions, rentals, and even e-books to combat the high prices. The only problem with this solution is that there are so many places online promising cheaper books. That’s why I use They are a textbook price comparison search engine that searches all the online retailers and rental site to find you the best prices, no matter which format you are seeking.

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