NACS Media Solutions (NMS) is launching a custom publishing initiative called     Grow Custom, Grow Green to meet student demands for cheaper course materials. The initiative is centered around the idea that content should be specifically suited to students, linked to learning objectives, and created in a partnership between publishers, faculty, and college bookstores. In many cases, students are required to purchase a textbook, but frequently they only end up using a portion of the textbook in class. The initiative is trying to argue that if the faculty worked in collaboration with publishers and their college bookstore, then unnecessary chapters could be removed, specialized material from the faculty could be added, and the students could get the content they need at a better price. The faculty would work with the publishers on the content while the bookstores would work with the publishers on the price, with complete transparency.

According to NMS, “College stores will contribute to the student success academically, while also improving the affordability of education. It’s about strengthening the alignment of the store to the academic mission it was created to serve.”

If the initiative is successful, it could help lower the cost of course materials for students, increase faculty satisfaction, reduce paper consumption, and boost college bookstore and publisher revenues.

You can read the full press release here:

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