At Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers, the Student Government Association tried to get the state legislature to add textbooks to the annual back to school tax holiday that takes place in August. The tax exemption includes items ranging from  crayons to backpacks and tube socks. But not textbooks. An article from the Naples News about that student action is located here » During the legislative session that ended last week, both the house and senate versions of the tax holiday bills died in committee.

We applaud the activity of the FGCU Student Government and hope to see the project expand to other schools next year to give textbook affordability a louder voice. 

The University of Florida took independent action. Each semester since Fall 2010 the campus bookstore holds a one-day textbook sale, cutting prices by 7%, effecting their own tax holiday of sorts (they still charge tax, but the 7% discount offsets it). The overall savings for students during the 2010-11 school year was about $75,000 and they plan their third one-day sale at the beginning of Fall semester in August.

How do you save money on textbooks? We’d love to hear from you.

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