Senate Bill 2150, regarding providing open access technology to students, is now on the desk of Governor Scott awaiting action. He has two weeks to sign or veto it. If he does nothing by June 1st, it automatically becomes a law, effective July 1, 2011.

The bill, in summary, does the following:

  1. Creates a repository of open access instructional resources, including open access textbooks;
  2. Allows institutions to set copyright access and restrictions and to track usage;
  3. Allows for customization of resources;
  4. Calls for Chancellors to promote the use of open access textbooks;
  5. Calls for creation of a standardized process to review and approve open access resources;
  6. Calls for creating strategies that permit easy access of resources;
  7. Calls for a process to identify and evaluate new technologies and instructional materials for distance learning.

We eagerly await Governor Scott’s action on this bill. Hopefully, he will not veto it. Read the bill and learn about its history here »

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