The non-profit organization OpenStax College recently released its sixth open access digital textbook: Introductory Statistics.

OpenStax College publishes free, open access and peer-reviewed textbooks for undergraduate college courses. Their goal is to improve student access to quality learning materials and to provide access to everyone desiring a higher education.

So far, OpenStax has released 5 other textbooks, such as College Physics, Introduction to Sociology, Biology, Concepts of Biology and Anatomy and Physiology. They are continuing their work by planning seven additional titles to expand their coverage of economics, science, and social sciences.

According to OpenStax College, in less than two years, their open access textbooks have saved over 52,000 students about $5 million in total costs. More than 360 community colleges, four-year colleges, and research universities have adopted these textbooks.

Introductory Statistics is available now as a free download via

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