Similar to 20MM Mix, major textbook publisher Pearson has announced to provide a service that will allow instructors to create custom etextbooks with open access content and Pearson material. As a result, the custom etextbooks should be more relevant to specific courses and a cheaper alternative to traditional textbooks.

The service is labeled Project Blue Sky and scheduled to begin a pilot in spring 2013 at 13 colleges and universities. Gooru, a nonprofit search engine, is assisting the project by providing its search system for instructors. The search engine will allow instructors to enter keywords for a subject they are teaching and the system will return a list of Pearson content, free educational content, and material from other commercial providers.  Then, the instructors can pull together the pieces they desire from the various sources to create an etextbook. Once they are finished, the system will conveniently calculate the price for the use of the Pearson and third-party content.

Currently, the project only includes content for psychology, but it is expected to gradually expand into other subjects after the pilot.

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