In an effort to reduce the price of college for Florida students, Governor Rick Scott is proposing an end to state and local sales taxes on college textbooks.  This new plan would cost the State of Florida approximately $40 million, but “would save full-time students at least $60 per year.”  The textbook savings plan was released in conjunction with $23.5 million plan to expand Bright Futures Scholarships to include summer courses.  In total, this particular proposal to the 2015-2016 budget would cost approximately $65 million.

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One thought on “Scott Proposes an End to Taxes on Textbooks

  1. While the governor’s budget has estimated the sales tax exemption would cost $40 million, the reality is the cost would be significantly below this. The estimate significantly over estimates student spending on required course materials and the percentage of spending that is currently being subjected to sales tax collection. It also doesn’t account for the fact that digital only goods are not taxed in the state. So the cost to the state would be significantly less and would level the playing field for students who shop within the state or buy physical textbooks or physical materials with digital access. Most importantly the exemption would end the practice of taxing learning and the state taxing financial aid.

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