As students are preparing to return to their college campuses for the upcoming fall semester, Student PIRGS (Public Interest Research Group) has released an informative announcement on their website about current textbook affordability trends.

The article discusses recent reports published by the Government Accountability Office and College Board that describe how textbook prices have increased by 82% over the last decade and continue to rise 6% per year. However, Student PIRGS believes that the textbook market is reaching a tipping point. They note that Cengage Learning, one of the largest publishing companies, has filed for bankruptcy protection, providing an example of how the textbook market is not sustainable with its ever increasing prices. In addition, they believe that the growing open educational resources movement will be able to provide satisfactory alternatives to expensive textbooks.

Student PIRGS has included a list of tips for students if they seek to buy textbooks at a more affordable price.

If you would like to read the full article or see the textbook buying tips, visit:

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