Two USF Tampa students, Toby Thomson and Ken Costa, have just unveiled their new secure website, Text Exchange (, for buying and selling textbooks. All USF students may post the names of books they need to buy or sell. You don’t need to join and there is no commission to pay; you simply click on “Sell Stuff” and fill in the information. Your listing will appear in less than 24 hours. You can also find the Text Exchange on Facebook (

One thought on “Text Exchange: Created by USF students

  1. Hi, this is Toby Thomson at Text Exchange. We don’t currently offer the ability for students to post “wanted” ads (i.e. “I’m interested in a Campbell Biology text…”), but we may in the future. Right now students list textbooks they currently own and people can search for these listings on the site.

    Thanks again to the TAP team for listing us on this site. We appreciate the support and hope students will utilize Text Exchange!

    Any questions or concerns, please send an email to mytextexchange (at) (replace (at) with @) and please Like us on Facebook!


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