The USF Bookstore depends on the faculty to submit textbook requests in advance of each semester in order to ensure the highest buy-back price to students. When faculty members submit textbook requests in a timely manner, this ensures that the bookstore will buy used textbooks back at a higher price because it is assured of an upcoming demand. Otherwise, the bookstore buys textbooks back at a lower price and often does not retain them on-site. The textbooks may be sent to a warehouse or to another college bookstore where there is a known demand. Then, if and when a professor adopts that textbook later, the USF bookstore will have no used copies on hand and will have to purchase them new from the publisher, which costs students more.

To help make the buy-back program work, the USF bookstore sends requests to each department to remind faculty to place their textbook orders early. The bookstore usually does this around midway into the semester before. It follows up periodically with reminders.

Bookstore deadlines for textbook adoptions:

 Spring: October 1

Summer: March 1

Fall: April 1

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