At the end of last year, TAP reported about California State Senator Darrell Steinberg’s proposed legislation that would help lower the burden of textbook costs for California college students and potentially save each individual thousands of dollars. The legislation was split among two bills, SB1052 and SB1053, and they were recently voted on by the California State Senate.

  • SB1052, which sets guidelines and a process to develop digital textbooks and courseware for the 50 most common courses in the California higher educational systems, passed by a vote of 32-2.
  • SB1053, a companion bill which calls for the creation of the California Open Sources Digital Library, a repository for the digital textbooks, also passed by a vote of 33-2.

Strongly supported by a bipartisan effort, the bills have passed the California State Senate and will proceed to the California State Assembly.

If you would like to read the full press release, visit:

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