The University of South Florida’s first MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), “Fairy Tales: Origins and Evolution of Princess Stories,” is scheduled to begin on August 5th. The course is available to everyone around the world with no prerequisites, admission requirements, or costs.

The course will be taught by Kevin Yee, the USF director of the Academy for Teaching and Learning Excellence, who holds a PhD in German language and literature and is an expert on comparative literature, German Romanticism, and online learning.

The online and open nature of the course, which will explore the history and cultural, literary, and psychological impact of fairy tales, will allow students from around the world to participate in an interactive online environment. The course will engage students through the use of assigned readings, videos, interpretative analysis, and encourage class interactions through email and discussion boards. The class activities and participation are estimated to take about two hours each week to complete.

On September 9th, USF will provide a second free MOOC called “Forums for a Future” which will focus on societal issues that can impact the future of the world.

USF’s first two MOOC courses were developed in partnership with USF University College using the Canvas Network platform, and more programs are planned to be developed. Access to these MOOCs will be made available exclusively through the online Canvas Network.

You can read the full article by visiting USF News:

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