When I was a freshman I thought the bookstore was the only place to get textbooks. Later I discovered there were cheaper ways to get books, like off-campus bookstores, online, or on reserve. I would examine the reading assignments on each syllabus to see which textbooks I really needed. If there were lots of reading assignments in a text, I bought it. Once I bought a textbook for about $90 and never used it at all. That money could have gone to buying a book I really needed. I would ask a professor if it was ok to use an older edition of a text because I knew I could get it used. I got into the practice of borrowing books, or getting together with classmates to study when I didn’t have the text. That really helped me make friends. I think the Textbook Affordability Project is a great idea. I wish we had it when I was a freshman.

~ Hendricksen Armand (USF ’11)

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