Update: November 3, 2015

The proposal of Dr. Jenifer Schneider, professor of Childhood Literacy Education was selected for participation in the 2014 USF Open Access Pilot. Dr. Schneider’s e-textbook is expected to be published in December 2015.


November 5, 2014

USF Innovative Education (InEd) and the USF Libraries are partnering to implement a pilot program that encourages the development of open access e-textbooks at the University of South Florida and seek proposals for their development by USF faculty members. Open access e-textbooks are digital in format and made freely available over the web in an effort to support creativity and innovation around the world. InEd and the Libraries are committed to publishing open access e-textbooks in order to support students from the perspective of both e-textbook affordability and the enhanced learning opportunities provided by the digital format.

A USF faculty member must be the lead author on the proposed e-textbook. The manuscript selected for consideration will undergo peer review and will be reviewed at its completion by the USF Open Access E-textbook Committee. The e-textbook may include original multi-media and interactive content. Technical support for the development of these features will be provided to the author(s) by InEd. InEd will also provide oversight during the process leading to the completion of the e-textbook. The USF Libraries will be responsible for hosting and archiving USF’s open access e-textbooks, delivering the e-textbooks in multiple formats (PDF, HTML, ePub, iBook), support for the peer review process, and ISBN.

The e-textbook should be a comprehensive work geared toward a specific field of study. Preference will be given to proposals with applicability toward multiple, high-enrollment, and online undergraduate courses. Copyright will be held by the USF author(s) and will be published under a Creative Commons (creativecommons.org) license.

The author will be compensated with an award of $12,500, plus an additional $7,500 which could be used for such purposes as course buy-out, research support, and production services. An itemized budget breakdown for the $7,500 will be required with the application. Applications will be reviewed by the USF Open Access E-textbook Committee. Awards will be based on the quality and strength of application and how well it meets the requirements. For funded proposals, it is our intention to distribute a portion of the award in the spring 2015 semester and the remaining funds after completion of the project. The author agrees to revise as needed during peer-review and to complete 100% of the e-textbook by July 31, 2015.

The Call for Proposals will be distributed on October 10, 2014 and proposals are due November 10, 2014.  Selected authors will be notified by November 30, 2014.  Anticipated e-textbook is to be completed by the last day of class, summer session 2015. The e-textbook must be available for fall, 2015.

To help us evaluate your project, we need to know more about you and your book. Please submit a proposal that provides necessary information by completing the form below:

Proposal Submission Form

Send proposal and C.V./resume for each author as email attachments to:

Cynthia DeLuca, AVP Innovative Education, deluca@usf.edu