You don’t need a college education to know that textbooks are ridiculously expensive. TAP can show you the best ways to get the books you need in whatever format you prefer (digital, print) at the best prices.

Where To Go What To Look For
USF Libraries Find your textbooks on Course Reserves. Your textbooks may also be in the circulating collection: Textbooks in the Library Collection (print and digital). You can also search the Ebooks for the Classroom+ database for quick access to adopted ebooks available for free through the USF Libraries.
Textbook Rentals Rent textbooks in either Print or Digital format
Buy at the Best Price Check out these various online retailers
Trade, Share, Swap at USF or other sources
USF Bookstore If you add or drop a class you get Add/Drop protection
Digital textbooks for sale & rent
Buy-Back policy
If you are a financial aid recipient, use the Bookstore Advance Purchase Plan