Comparison Tools

If you choose to buy your textbooks online, look around for the best deals and compare prices among online retailers for your new, used, electronic, or rental textbooks. You can browse through our list of the most popular online comparison tools to help you get started:

  • Afford-A-BookSearches among over 20 member vendors to find you the lowest price for textbooks.
  • Big Words – Buy, rent and sell textbooks, or download them to your ipad. At the end of the semester, you have the choice of selling your textbooks or donating them to needy students in the US, Africa or Asia through Better World Books. Postage is free.
  • Campusbooks– This site searches the most reputable bookstores, marketplaces and sellers to find you the lowest textbook prices. also includes taxes and shipping fees so you know the full item price upfront, plus offers online coupons.
  • PickTextBook– an informational website focused on comparisons of current and previous editions of textbooks.  It also lists all formats in which specific a textbook is available.
  • Slug Books – Compare prices between the SlugBooks textbook exchange, the USF bookstore, and online retailers/renters. Powered by course-search technology.
  • The Cheap TextbookA site designed to make textbook shopping easy with an online textbook price-comparison tool. The comparison tool pulls information from a large number of online retailers in order for students to find the best prices online!

Buying Textbooks Online: Shop

Once you’ve comparison shopped to find the best prices, use these online tools to complete your textbook purchases:

  • AbeBooks.comBoasts the lowest prices; they also sell international editions for a fraction of the US price, as well as rare and out-of-print books.
  • Amazon – The largest online store on planet Earth. Buy direct from Amazon or search for the lowest price. It’s easy to return books if you drop a course and they have a great buy-back program, even if you wrote in the book.
  • Barnes and Noble – Buy or rent new and used books. When it’s time to return a rental, they provide free postage. Download books to your nook, or take advantage of the buy-back program.
  • Bookholders– Allows you to search for a book by class, title, author or ISBN. You can either rent and purchase textbooks online or pick them up in a brick and mortar location.
  • Chegg– Buy, sell and download textbooks to your pc. Every time you rent a textbook, plants a tree, and recently celebrated its 5 millionth tree.
  • Textbooks.comBuy, sell, rent, and download textbooks. Spend $25 or more, and will cover your shipping charges.  This vendor also offers 30-day returns and free buyback shipping.
  • TextbookRush – Buy or rent new and used textbooks. International editions are also available at much lower prices, guaranteed to be identical to the US editions.
  • Valorebooks – This student marketplace allows you to buy, rent and sell new and used textbooks. Every textbook rental comes with free return shipping.

Other USF Affiliated Options:

Visit Flat World Knowledge»

  • Free online textbooks
  • Print out black and white textbook for $29
  • Print out color textbook for $59
  • Open Source (Creative Commons license)
  • A textbook wiki that you can edit
  • Professors can build their own textbooks by cutting and pasting existing content and adding their own to personalize for their students
  • Printed books are available at the same price as online when purchased through the USF Bookstore