Choose Textbooks on Reserve at the USF Library

The USF Library holds textbooks on reserve for students in courses with an enrollment of 100 more more. These textbooks have been donated by the publisher at the request of the USF Bookstore to offset the high cost of textbooks. The USF Library may also hold textbooks on reserve for courses with fewer than 100 students, but these textbooks are donated by instructors.

Textbooks on reserve are available to be used at the library for 3 hours. If there is no one waiting to use the book,  you may continue to use it for 3 more hours.

To find out if the textbooks for your courses are available at the Reserve/Circulation Desk, click here.

A Special Thank You from the TAP Program

The purpose of the TAP program is to provide “informative, effective and active solutions to the rising cost of textbooks.” This mission is fulfilled, in part, by the Textbook Affordability Program Reserves, a collection that includes textbooks for more than 100 classes offered at USF.

We would like to thank USF Auxiliary Services for the financial donation they have made to the TAP program and, by extension, the student body here at USF.  These funds have been used to obtain a number of highly requested print textbooks.  To date, donations from USF Auxiliary services have allowed for the purchase of nearly 200 items from the USF Bookstore.  The majority of these textbooks (53%) are used for study in social & applied sciences such as Business, Economics, Education, Psychology, History, and Modern Languages.  The natural sciences are also highly represented; 21% of the textbooks purchased cover topics like Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. The remaining 26% of the items that have been purchased are used for study in Technology, Medical Sciences, Mathematics, and Engineering. All of these items have been made available via the Reserves collection at the Library Services desk.  Students have not been hesitant to take advantage of this opportunity gain access to the textbooks that they need for their classes:  the items purchased using Auxiliary donations have been checked out nearly 7,000 times!

In addition, the reserve collection would be much more limited without the contributions from a number of publishing companies.  With that in mind, we would like to extend a sincere thank you to the following publishers for their support:

  • Cengage Learning
  • Kendall Hunt Publishing Company
  • MacMillan Publishing Solutions
  • McGraw-Hill
  • Oxford University Press
  • Pearson Higher Education
  • W.W. Norton & Company Inc.

We applaud these companies for their commitment to helping ensure that USF’s student body has access to current and affordable textbooks!  Combined, these publishers have donated well over 200 textbooks for use in the TAP reserves collection.   In doing so, they have helped counter the rising cost of education for hundreds of students by providing an alternative to full-price textbooks.