Swapping with other students is a great way to get the textbooks you need without spending a dime! Your old textbooks can be quite valuable to other students and vice versa. Plus, textbook trading allows you to swap directly with members of your cohort, or with other students at your university; you might just meet a new study-buddy or even find some great new networking opportunities. Here are a few platforms for  selling, trading, swapping, or bartering for new textbooks:

On Facebook:

Websites and Apps for Textbook Swapping/Selling:

  • Borrow’d» (Created by a USF student for USF students! This app lets students rent and sell their textbooks to one another.  All payments are made through the app, no in-person cash exchanges required.)
  • Swapbooks.com » (Charges a 15% commission plus $1.37 on all sales. When you sign up to use the service, they charge $1 to verify your address.)

Start your own on-campus textbook swapping group

  • Timing is everything: the best time to organize a textbook swap is about a week before the start of a new semester.
  • Find a sponsor: get an on-campus department, or student organization to sponsor the event.
  • Get the word out: use social media, flyers, and the campus newspaper to spread the word.
  • Make it a social event: create a fun atmosphere for other students to bring their textbooks.  Be sure to play music and bring snacks!
  • Keep it fair: create a system that allows students to swap for items that are close in value to their own.