Trade or Swap Textbooks

Trading, swapping, or bartering textbooks is usually done in a few ways:

On Facebook:

Websites for Textbook Trading/Swapping/Selling:

  • » (Charges a 15% commission plus $1.37 on all sales. When you sign up to use the service, they charge $1 to verify your address.)
  • » (Always free for buyers, sellers have a $0.99 fee per listing after the first year. Created by USF students to sell textbooks among fellow students.)

Start your own on-campus textbook swapping group

  • By major, department, or school
  • Can be organized by student organizations, Student Government, email, or Facebook
  • The best time is just before the first week of classes
  • Make it a social event – play music, bring chips and soda
  • Meet & greet students in your department, make friends and trade textbooks