USF Tampa Textbook Affordability Task Force Charge
October 26, 2017

The USF Tampa Textbook Affordability Task Force, co- chaired by Dean Moez Limayem of the Muma College of Business and Dean Todd Chavez, Dean of the USF Libraries will report directly to Provost Wilcox and President Genshaft in addressing the following charge:

  1. Identifying the key impediments (and strategies for mitigation) to USF students’ access to required textbooks along their pathway to student success,
  2. Familiarizing itself with the USF Textbook Affordability Project website (,
  3. Exploring and understanding the full range of textbook cost reduction strategies and products available to USF faculty including, but not limited to:
    • Print textbooks on course reserve,
    • E-books for the classroom,
    • Bookstore textbook rentals, cost match, and used books,
    • E-textbooks,
    • Open access textbooks,
    • Curriculum Builder, and
    • Other initiatives
  4. Understanding the impact of required “codes” on students’ textbook affordability, and
  5. Developing bold and innovative ways to reduce textbook costs.

Most importantly, the USF Tampa Textbook Affordability Task Force is asked to move beyond compliance and to carefully consider and develop (in consultation with the USF Faculty Senate and university leadership) the following:

  1. Design and launch a faculty awareness campaign to enhance faculty members’ understanding of textbook affordability issues,
  2. Develop and deploy a faculty “TAP toolbox” providing simple and effective tactics, strategies and best practices along with ease of adoption,
  3. Identify and deploy faculty incentives and recognition of “TAP Champions” to drive gains in textbook affordability at USF,
  4. Develop college-based “Textbook Affordability Report Cards” to capture data, track change and to drive improvement in textbook cost reduction (below the national average which is presently $40.83/SCH),
  5. Work with (a) the General Education Council in the certification of new courses (and common course textbook requirements across all sections); (b) each college (deans and department chairs) to thoroughly understand TAP, and (c) advise USF leadership with regard to ongoing business partnership with the bookstore, and
  6. Draft (and/or amend) University guidelines and/or policies to ensure that USF is providing students with the very lowest prices for required textbooks in support of enhanced student success and reduced debt.

This initial work is expected to be completed no later than March 9, 2018 for implementation in the Summer 2018 semester.