Legislative Requirement: “Adoption Deadlines”

Three official documents govern the USF textbook selection and adoption process.

  1. Florida Statutes Section 1004.085
  2. BOG 8.003  – Textbook and Instructional Material Affordability
  3. USF Regulation 3.029 – Textbook and Instructional Material Affordability

“Textbook and instructional material selection deadlines for each term shall normally be set in agreement with the posting of the course schedule for that term, but no later than forty-five (45) days prior to the first day of classes for each term. Any request for an exception to the textbook and instructional material selection deadline shall be submitted in writing to the office of the Dean of the College where the exception is proposed prior to the deadline and shall provide a reasonable justification for the exception. A course or section added after the notification deadline is exempt from this notification requirement.”

An additional 7 days is required to allow the bookstore to process adoptions and post to website.  Posting the textbook and instructional materials requirements early allows students to assess the costs associated with courses and to “shop” for favorable prices.