When are the deadlines for faculty to order textbooks?

2024 Statutory Compliance Deadlines

  • Spring  – November 10, 2023
  • Summer AC  – March 22, 2024
  • Summer B  – May 3, 2024
  • Fall  – July 5, 2024

Bookstore Recommended Deadlines

  • Spring  – October 15
  • Summer  – March 15
  • Fall  – April 15

When are faculty required to submit their textbook orders each term?

Textbook orders must be submitted to the USF Bookstore at least 52 days before the first day of classes each term. The statutory deadline is necessary to comply with USF Regulation 3.029 – Textbook and Instructional Material Affordability.

What happens if I don’t submit by each of the deadlines?

Bookstore Compliance Deadline

  • Faculty adoption/order issues may not be resolved
  • Less stock of used textbooks which increases costs to students
  • Lower textbook buyback prices for students since the bookstore will not have advanced notice that the books will be used the following term
  • Possibility of textbooks not being available on first day of classes
  • Custom textbooks may not have enough time to be printed and shipped

Statutory Compliance Deadline

  • If you are a full-time faculty member, you will be issued a Letter of Counsel. If you are an adjunct, or graduate assistant, the information will be shared with the chair of your department, and could result in further disciplinary action.

USF Regulation 3.029 – Textbook and Instructional Material Affordability requires textbook orders to be posted 45 days before the first day of classes for each term. Why is the deadline about one week earlier for faculty?

The earlier deadline was established to provide the USF Bookstore with time to process any remaining textbook orders into their database by the 45-day deadline. However, there is still a possibility that not all orders will be processed by the 45-day deadline, so we encourage faculty to place their orders by the bookstore deadline.

What are the sources of data for the textbook adoption compliance report?

The compliance report uses data from the USF Bookstore and OASIS databases.

My course is inactive or cancelled. Why is it listed on the compliance report?

When this issue occurs, the course had an active status in OASIS at the time the data was collected for the report. If it has been changed to an inactive status since that date, the changes will be reflected on the next report.