College Dean Checklist

  • Formally appoint a “College Textbook Coordinator” by July 1, 2019.
    Appointee oversees departmental coordinators and interfaces with the TAP team.
  • Promote and achieve each semester’s 45-day deadline for textbook adoptions.
    Learn more about the 45-day deadline.
  • Ensure that department chairs comply with all requirements (see following).


Department Chair / Departmental Textbook Coordinator Checklist

  • Formally appoint a “Departmental Textbook Coordinator” by August 1, 2019.
    Appointee processes departmental adoptions and interfaces with the TAP team.
  • Departmental Textbook Coordinator submits textbook adoptions for adjunct faculty and unassigned courses.
  • Reward faculty who develop courseware.
  • Reward faculty who adopt OER or library-licensed content.
  • Ensure that departmental faculty comply with all requirements and consider TAP recommendations (see following).

Instructor Checklist

To lower costs to students …

  • Review textbook/instructional material requirements each time a course is taught.
  • Adopt the least expensive format of an item (usually the digital format); demand no additional options.

To lower costs to students AND improve compliance …

  • Coordinate adoptions among 1) multiple sections of the same course and 2) cross-listed courses; wide cost variances in these cases are flagged for BOG review.
  • Avoid “recommended” adoptions – use the course syllabus to list supplemental readings.
  • Avoid faculty-to-publisher price negotiations; work with the TAP team. 

To improve compliance …

  • Use Follett’s online system to submit adoptions.
  • When students are NOT required to PURCHASE textbooks/instructional materials for your course use the bookstore’s online system to report “No Textbook Required” before the 45-day deadline for textbook adoptions.
  • Respond to reports of courses that lack adoptions before the deadline.
  • When editions change, determine the value to students of adopting a new edition before accepting the change (if possible).
  • Intend to use all required textbook/instructional materials, including all bundled items.
  • Avoid post-adoption deadline changes to submissions; late changes are reported as non-compliant.