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Open access textbooks are openly-licensed digital textbooks that are offered for free online. Traditional textbooks use cumbersome copyright license restrictions, while open access textbook allow anyone to read, copy, distribute, or modify the content at no cost. Many universities around the United States have already developed initiatives to produce peer-reviewed open access textbooks for their students and the positive response has lead open access textbooks to be acknowledged as an affordable alternative to traditional learning materials.

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  • Collaboration of University Press of Florida and Orange Grove Digital Repository
  • Digital textbooks – free!
  • Self-printed textbooks – free!
  • “Print on demand” textbooks 40-60% of the cost compared to traditional textbooks
  • Textbooks are developed with a Creative Commons copyright license (may be accessed at no cost)  (www.creativecommons.org »)
  • Titles from the University Press of Florida
  • Browse for open access textbooks here: florida.theorangegrove.org »
  • Or, watch a video of a South Florida Community College professor who uses eTextbooks here www.theorangegrove.org/OGTtest.htm »

The University of Florida has shown strong support for the Orange Grove by sponsoring authoring efforts that create open access textbooks for the digital repository:

  • The UF Provost Joseph Glover and Math Department Chair Jed Keesling provided sponsorship for the university’s math department faculty to develop an open access textbook series called Concepts in Calculus.
    • Concepts in Calculus I, which was piloted during the Spring of 2011 and officially adopted for the Fall 2011 semester, was used at the University of Florida by over 1,600 students with savings totaling over $50,000.
    • Concepts in Calculus II and III were piloted during the Spring 2012 semester.
    • The Concepts in Calculus series is edited and published by the University Press of Florida as part of the Orange Grove Text Plus collection with support from the FIPSE-funded Open Access Textbook project.

Other Open Access Textbooks

Name of Repository Description Additional Info
MERLOT- Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning & Online Teaching Peer reviewed learning materials
OER Commons Learning materials by level & subject
Textbook Revolution Student ran site of free educational materials
D-Space Content sharing across organizations and continents
ALT Open Access Repository Brings together information for learning about technology
Resource Repository Collection intended for educators and students Global Health & Education
Open Doar – Open Access Listing of University-specific repositories
iBerry Information and resources for students & educators
Connexions View & share educational materials
Internet Archive Internet library with websites, papers and books
Wikiversity Online portal of resources for all educational information
Wikibooks Open access textbooks you can edit to meet your content needs
GEM Learning and educational resources
Ideas Educator ideas separated by subject and educational level
Kentucky Learning Depot Course materials for Kentucky residents and guests to access
The North Carolina Learning Object Repository A place to collect and share learning materials Only NC universities but others can view
FREE-Federal Resources for Educational Resources Teaching and learning resources provided by federal agencies
Exploratorium To create a web-based library for educators
iLumina Digital library of undergraduate teaching materials Undergrad-only
The Learning Exchange Online teaching resources for social work Social work only
The Math Forum @ Drexel Online guides to teaching & learning math Math only, $15 student fee, @25 teacher fee
NSDL Teaching guides for math, science and engineering math, science, engineering only all levels
PBL Clearing House, Univ. of Delaware Articles for teaching using problem based methods Problem-based methods only
The Orange Grove Free online instruction for Florida professors
National Engineering Education Delivery System Digital library of learning materials for educators Engineering and math only
BookBoon Collection of free downloadable e-textbooks
Open CourseWare Initiative, MIT Materials of 500 courses submitted by professors MIT courseware only
American Institute of Mathematics Open Textbook Initiative

List of open access mathematics textbooks that have been evaluated and approved for use in a traditional university course Math only
Open Textbook Library

An online library to help instructors find affordable, quality open access textbook solutions