Many students prefer to rent textbooks, for the low price and convenience.

At the USF Bookstore:

  • Rent A Textbook
    • Flexible rental pricing offers students savings of up to 80%
    • Highlight! Make notes in the margin! But return the book in good condition
    • Purchase your rented book if you wish (must do by the end of the 2nd week of classes)
    • Rentals must be returned the day after final exams end
    • Late returns are charged 75% of purchase price plus a 7.5% processing fee (so be on time!)
    • Free shipping to return your rental if you are not on campus
    • Go to the USF Bookstore Text Rental Page »
  • Nook Study (@ USF Bookstore)
    • A digital, downloadable version of a printed textbook
    • Readable on Mac or PC
    • All you have to do is download an e-reader application (click here)
    • Each text is downloadable onto two computers
    • Limited printing of pages permitted
    • E-Books can be rented or purchased
    • They look exactly like the print version, but a keyword search finds information fast!
    • You can take notes, highlight and embed class notes and handouts to make studying easier

Amazon Kindle Textbook Rentals

Order from the Kindle store, and get up to 80% off the price of textbooks.Kindle Textbook Rental offers the ability to customize rental periods to any length between 30 and 360 days, allowing students to only pay for the specific amount of time they need a book. Students can also easily extend any rental period for as little as one day or more, or even purchase the book at any time during the rental period.

And renting from Kindle allows students keep all of the margin notes they make in the text, even after the rental expires. More Information »


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