Aggregator Refers to an electronic platform that hosts content from multiple publishers.  These publishers may or may not have their own ebook platform.
Authentication A method that authorizes access to a library-licensed resource.  On campus, through Canvas, or via VPN, you are granted access by virtue of your USF IP address.  Off campus authentication for most resources is via proxy automatically generated when you login to the USF Libraries’ website which requires NetID login or your Library ID (205#).
Adobe Digital Editions Free Adobe software required to download ebooks with access limitations.
Bluefire Reader Free software required to download ebooks with access limitations to mobile devices.
Chapter Level Access Each chapter of an ebook can be downloaded and often linked to individually.
Concurrent users The number of authorized library patrons that are permitted to access an electronic resource or ebook at the same time.
College Textbook Coordinator Confirms that the Department Chair for each undergraduate program of study understands and carries out his/her responsibilities regarding Textbook Affordability efforts and compliance.
Copying Selecting a portion of the ebook text for transfer to a document.  Ebooks may limit copying to preselected sections such as a full page.
Course Reserve Request print books, ebooks, or other items to be held in reserve for your course through Canvas or the USF Libraries.
Demand Driven Acquisition (DDA) Ebooks not yet purchased by the Libraries made available through the Libraries’ Catalog for discovery and use.  Titles are automatically purchased after a set level of usage.  May also be purchased on request.  Books not purchased may be withdrawn.
Departmental Textbook Coordinator The sole person in an academic department responsible for processing and submitting textbook adoptions, responding to compliance requirements, and interfacing with the Textbook Affordability Project (TAP) Team.
Discovery Methods and tools employed to connect faculty and staff to library resources.
Downloading Download a chapter or the full ebook to your computer or mobile device for offline use.
DRM Digital Rights Management.  A method to enforce limitations on access and use of electronic content.
Ebook A book available in electronic form.  All USF Libraries licensed ebooks may be read online.
Ebooks for the Classroom+ A tool for the selection of ebooks owned or available for purchase by the USF Libraries that are suitable for course use.  Adopting texts though Ebooks for the Classroom+ provides you with a direct link to the title, gives students a way to find adopted ebooks, and informs the Libraries which texts being used for courses.
Ebook Licensing The USF Libraries contracts with ebook vendors and publishers to provide ebook access to University faculty and staff.
Ebook License Model A set of access privileges or access limitations for an ebook.
eTextbook Electronic version of a textbook.  Traditional textbook publishers such as Pearson, Cengage and McGraw-Hill typically do not make their textbooks available for license by academic libraries.
Ezproxy A method of authentication that adds a prefix to an electronic resource’s URL that provides authorization for use to the host of the resource.
Evidence-Based Acquisition (EBA) Ebooks not yet purchased by the Libraries made available through the Libraries’ Catalog for discovery and use.  Titles are selected for purchase based upon usage, or if requested for a course, at the end of the evaluation period.  Books not purchased at the end of the evidence period are subject to removal.
Mediated Request An ebook not yet purchased by the Libraries available for discovery and use, but first requiring direct authorization by the USF Libraries.  Please complete and submit the request form to gain access.
Open Access Textbook A freely available online textbook.
Perpetual Access The USF Libraries acquired the right to permanently provide access to the electronic resource.  The title will never be withdrawn.
Platform A hosted, searchable, online collection of content.
Printing Selecting a portion of the ebook text for transfer to a PDF for printing or for direct printing.  Ebooks may limit printing to preselected sections such as a full page.
Subscription The USF Libraries licenses the content for a specific period of time.  The license must be renewed to provide continued access.  Most subscribed content is renewed.
TAP – Textbook Affordability Project An initiative of the USF Libraries to promote awareness and provide tools and resources to assist students and faculty in the selection and use of alternatives to high cost textbooks.
Textbooks on Reserve A program of the USF Libraries, funded by USF Auxiliary Services, where print textbooks for high enrollment courses are purchased and made available for 3‑hour loan from the USF Libraries Services desk.
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